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Grape choke inquest: PC 'desperate' for help with girl - 6 January 2016

An off-duty policeman spent more than 20 minutes trying to save a choking six-year-old girl while waiting for emergency teams, an inquest has heard. When two community first responders arrived, they were asked if they had suction with them, which they didn't.



A choking death every two hours -  4th Nov 2015

A life-threatening choking attack can happen to anyone, even you.

Would YOU know what to do in that critical moment?



Hartlepool toddler Jacob Jenkins dies after choking on grape - 15 October 2015

Iain Johnstone, a consultant in paediatric intensive care at the Great North Children's Hospital, in Newcastle, said a number of factors make youngsters susceptible to choking.

He said: "Toddlers are at an age when they pick things up and put them in their mouths.

"They also have smaller airways than adults - narrowing as they go down, like a funnel.

"Unfortunately, a grape is the perfect shape and size to block the airway and cause choking."


Care home fined after resident who choked on sausage died - Oct 2014

Beryl Newton, 81, suffered a fatal choking condition known as a cafe coronary and died in hospital four days later




Choking and Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO)

Informative article covering recognition, assessment, management, diagnosis and prevention; also links for further reading.




Toddler died after choking on shepherd's pie while being fed at nursery - 28 Nov 2013

Millie Thompson began coughing and spluttering and her lips turned blue during a lunchtime feeding session administered by a supervisor.




First Aid Could Prevent Thousands Of Deaths, UK   - 13 April 2010

According to a leading charity, up to 150,000 deaths could be prevented each year in the UK if more people knew first aid: this is more than the number of people who die of lung cancer every year, the most common cause of death from cancer, they said. The charity said in a statement that first aid can make a dramatic difference in such cases, either by direct intervention, such as in cases of choking, or by recognizing early warning signs, such as in heart attacks, and in knowing how to look after a casualty until the medics arrive.


Beware grapes and cherry tomatoes - 04 Feb 2005

Parents can easily learn life-saving techniques to save their child from choking, writes Thea Jourdan.






Terrifying choking ordeal of Evie, 3, prompts Butlin's to review first-aid provision

A little girl’s terrifying choking ordeal has prompted her dad to seek safety reassurances from a holiday firm.

Three-year-old Evie Linnecor was in a restaurant at Butlin’s Skegness when a piece of sausage lodged in her throat.

Calls for a first aider went unanswered, leaving Evie desperate struggling to breathe.



Man airlifted to hospital after choking incident at Hartlepool Marina

A man is in a critical condition after being airlifted to hospital.

Great North Air Ambulance was called to Hartlepool Marina following reports of a man choking.

On arrival on scene the Aircrew Doctor and paramedic team assessed and treated a male before anaesthetising him on scene and transporting him to hospital.



Disabled schoolgirl, 13, 'choked to death on a meatball

A disabled schoolgirl died after choking on a meatball while having lunch at her special needs school, an inquest heard today.

Autistic Isabel Pearce, 13, who was born with Sotos Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, was on her lunch break at Ridge View School in Tonbridge, Kent, on January 26 this year, when she started choking.

The inquest was told she had been sitting at a table in a group when the tragedy struck.

Lauren Pope, a teaching assistant at the school, said she remembered the look of panic on Isabel's face as the colour drained from her face.



Tory MPs block bill to give first aid training to children by talking non-stop until debate ends

Conservative MPs have blocked a bill to bring first aid training to schools by talking non-stop until time to discuss and vote on it ran out.

The Compulsory Emergency First Aid Education (State-Funded Secondary Schools) Bill would have required schools to teach first aid training to children as part of the national curriculum.



Dicky Birds nursery ordered to pay £200k over jelly choking death

Tiya Chauhan was aged 22 months when the tragedy happened at Dicky Birds nursery in Wimbledon, south London, in August 2012. Tiya swallowed the raw jelly during a ‘sensory game’ which featured a spaghetti and jelly swamp and toy insects. She was found unconscious on the nursery floor and later pronounced dead in hospital.

Dicky Birds Pre School Nurseries is a family-owned business with other nurseries in Wimbledon, Raynes Park, New Malden and Surbiton.



Mum found disabled daughter, 6, choking

THE mother of a six-year-old severely disabled girl says she is distraught after finding her daughter choking behind curtains at North Devon District Hospital (NDDH). Julie Evett, 34, from Fremington, says she found her daughter Rose choking on her own mucus "just in time", on the Caroline Thorpe Ward at NDDH last week.



Llanelli woman saves toddler's life after he started choking on a piece of cucumber

"She grabbed the little boy put him across her knees and performed what she says was her first aid training on the little boy. "A big lump of cucumber, which was stuck in his throat, then came out." Thanks to her quick thinking and professional training she has undergone as a teaching assistant, Mrs Daniel saved the child's life leaving the parents extremely grateful.




Leeds Crown Court heard Tracey Gilboy, a senior support worker at an adult day care centre in Leeds allowed a sweet to be given to Alison Evers, a 34- year-old, severely disabled woman who had not developed a rotary chew, the circular motion that allows food to be ground down enough to swallow, and therefore required a soft diet. She choked and later died in hospital.

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